The Market Record by Dan Koop & Katerina Kokkinos-Kennedy

The Market Record by Dan Koop & Katerina Kokkinos-Kennedy

Melbourne Fringe, 30 September – 17 October

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A self-guided tour from your fridge to the Preston Market

What’s for dinner? If lockdown has taught us anything, it’s that a full fridge is a comfort and the weekly shop might provide a highlight of the week – it’s essential!

Via guided audio you’ll reflect on food, where it comes from, and what makes Preston Market so special. Far from a collection of products, a market is a collection of experiences absorbed through all of your senses informed by centuries of cultural history.

Food is an artform reaching back generations, connecting us to far away places, times and cultures. Your market is where local meets global and the worlds of commerce, culture and community come together in a glorious exchange.

Whether you’re a passionate Preston Market regular, a foodie or new to the community, you’re invited to join us. We’re sure you’ll leave with much more than just your groceries!

This is a self-guided solo audio journey to the Preston Market for your weekly grocery shop, using your own device and headphones. You may attend whenever the Preston Market is open (8am-3pm Wed-Sun, 8am-6pm Fri), provided you are permitted to travel to the market for your weekly grocery shop and follow the latest Victorian Governent health advice.

“When you shop at Preston Market you know it’s about more than what you need for the week. It’s social. It’s powerful. It’s about community and about connection.”

— Dan Koop and Katerina Kokkinos-Kennedy

Originally supported by the City of Darebin through Fuse Fund