The Market Record by Dan Koop & Katerina Kokkinos-Kennedy

The Market Record by Dan Koop & Katerina Kokkinos-Kennedy

About Us

The Market Record at Preston Market was made by Dan Koop & Katerina Kokkinos-Kennedy and proudly supported by the Darebin City Council’s FUSE Fund Program.

The Market Record was initially developed in 2020 with Jamie Lewis, with the support of the South Melbourne Market and the City of Port Phillip.

Dan Koop is an Artist, Producer and Facilitator working in public and unusual spaces. Creatively, he makes performance works in unexpected and public spaces that engage audiences to become participants. Professionally, he has worked for contemporary multi artform venues and festivals in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and London. As a Facilitator, he has hosted conferences for hundreds, taught small tutorials and worked as a conduit between community groups and arts organisations.

Katerina Kokkinos-Kennedy is the artistic director of Triage Live Art Collective, the company she founded in 2009. With Triage, Katerina has built a formidable reputation for the creation of ambitious and visionary performance works for audiences. Her works are site-specific, immersive, and intimate. They are imagined and built as alternate worlds for audiences to experience and explore. She has more than 25 years of experience as a theatre director, writer, dramaturge, and actor trainer. Since 2006 her works have focused exclusively on audience agency within site-specific, immersive, and intimate narratives. Since 2011 Triage has toured extensively, locally and internationally. In 2019 Triage created and premiered three new works for European festivals: sea inside, Hammerfest Norway; Banquet for Bees, Aarhus and Ebeltoft Festivals, Denmark, Pro Progressione Festival Hungary; i can’t believe we’re still having this conversation, Wonderland Festival, Italy. Katerina is currently developing a new slate of works in Australia: META, Thresholds, CULT: The Gathering,The Library Project, and After the Flood.