The Market Record by Dan Koop & Katerina Kokkinos-Kennedy

The Market Record by Dan Koop & Katerina Kokkinos-Kennedy

Experience The Market Record

Thanks for paying what you can to experience The Market Record – it’s not too late if you’d like to contribute to cover the cost of your ticket! We suggest $5 but tickets are pay whatever you can.

HOW TO LISTEN: There are several ways you can listen, each of them requiring your own device and headphones.

1. Download via your Podcast app: visit and choose your podcast app of choice.

If this doesn’t work you can manually add our podcast by adding the RSS feed:

2. Stream via Soundcloud: visit and you can stream each track in order using the Soundcloud website or app.

Or you can scroll to the bottom of this page and use the embedded player here.

Don’t worry if you can’t make your scheduled time – these links will remain live for you to use at a later date.

SELF-GUIDED TOUR INSTRUCTIONS: Listen to these tracks in order from 1 to 8, starting the first track when you are in your kitchen at home. Follow the instructions and feel free to pause the tracks at any time.

WHAT TO EXPECT: The first track will introduce you to The Market Record and prepare you for your journey towards the Preston Market to take a self-guided tour as you complete your weekly grocery shop. You will listen on your personal device and headphones.

The Market Record is a self-contained journey with 8 audio tracks that starts in your home and ends at the Preston Market. The audio plays for approximately 60 minutes, however you may use gaps in between tracks to complete your shopping.

Please ensure that Victoria’s Covid Safe regulations allowing “shopping for necessary goods and services” applies to you.

Follow the instructions in the audio and start the next track whenever you are in position and ready. Remember, you may pause each track at any time.